5 Tips For Vaping In Cold Weather

Here’s What You Need To Know About Vaping In Cold Weather

Winter is coming. The colder weather is creeping up and it is time to start preparing.

If you vape marijuana, you might already know that vaping in cold weather can be a hassle. However, there are some tips that you should follow to ensure that there are no malfunctions due to colder temperatures and your vaping experience is still enjoyable.

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Vaping in cold weather presents a few challenges. If you use a handheld vaporizer, prepare for cold weather vaping with these tips.

1.  Conserve Battery

Vaping in cold weather can overword batteries. In fact, most batteries will not work at -4 degrees Fahrenheit.

The energy levels of your battery will decrease due to the chemical reactions that occur slowly in cold weather. This will eventually lead to weaker performance and decreased battery life.

Requiring your medication and then realizing you’re out of your vaporizer’s battery is a frustrating experience. 

It is important that vapors take precautions to ensure maximum performance of their batteries. Here are some steps to take to save your battery:

  • Keeping your mode in an inner pocket mode and do not leave in a cold vehicle or garage overnight.
  • You should also never charge your battery in temperatures below freezing.
  • Keep it clean. Heating resin makes your vape work harder.
  • Carry your charger and extra battery because you will need them more frequently than you do in the warmer months.
  • The Firefly vaporizer comes with an extra battery.
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Firefly Vaporizer – Red

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2.  Keep Devices Away From Moisture

In the winter, it seems that it is easy for everything to get wet–condensation is everywhere. Your vaping gear is at risk from this threat.

When traveling, it is important to keep it stored in a case or bag.

Make sure your device stays warm and covered so that it is protected from the elements. Excessive condensation can damage your vaporizer.

Vaping in cold weather presents a few challenges. If you use a handheld vaporizer, prepare for cold weather vaping with these tips.

3.  Insulate, Turn Up The Heat, & Be Patient

Invest in a silicone sleeve. Silicone sleeves trap the heat and cut down on the battery workload. Some models, like The Lift by Flytlab, come with a silicone sleeve (check out the review). For other vapes, like the Pax 2, you can purchase a silicone sleeve separately.

You may need to turn up your heat level a tad bit higher than usual. I vape dry herb on a level 4 in freezing temps. Be patients and expect your vaporizer to take longer to heat up than it does in warm temps.

4.  Avoid Using Metal Mouthpieces/Drip Tips

If you have ever seen A Christmas Story, you know the iconic scene where Flick gets his tongue stuck to a flagpole. As funny as this scene is, it shows the unfortunate consequences of sticking your tongue or lips to metal during freezing temperatures.

The same thing can happen if you use a vaporizer with a metal tip in a sub-zero temperature. Vaping with metal can also dry your lips out. To avoid worrying about these potential problems, you can opt to use rubber, glass, or even plastic tips.


The Firefly has a temperature friendly mouthpiece.

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5.  Choose Vape Oil/E-Liquids Wisely

If you’re vaping with a vape pain and vape oil, you need to pay attention to what your vape oil, or e-liquid, is made from.

During the colder months, it’s better to switch to an e-liquid that has higher PG (propylene glycol) content. This is due to the fact that vegetable glycerin is more viscous and it starts crystallizing at higher temperatures than the PG. This means that pure VG normally tends to be quite syrupy in cold weather thus hindering the proper working of the coil.

Another way to help avoid this is to make sure that your E-Liquid is always stored in a warm place. However, if your liquid does freeze, it will just take the time to unfreeze. Things like flavor are usually not impacted by freezing.

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By following these tips, you can help ensure that you still have an enjoyable experience vaping in cold weather. It will also help you keep your vaping equipment and the products safely and improve their functioning. So while you’re preparing your wardrobe and house for the upcoming winter, make sure to prepare for cold weather vaping as well.


Author:  Abby Drexler is a contributing writer and media specialist for Pink Spot Vapors. She regularly produces content for a variety of vaping blogs.

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