Convection Vaporizers: Choosing the Perfect Herbal Vape Pen

Convection Vaporizers: Choosing the Perfect Herbal Vape Pen

For those who are unfamiliar with the world of vaping, any vaporizer is just a vaporizer. For enthusiasts or for those who have gone through several vaporizers, they know that the type of heating system utilized in an herbal vaporizer is important.

The type of heating system can have a huge effect on the vapor quality. If you are unfamiliar with herbal vaporizer heating systems, here is a guide that will help you understand the different systems. We will also show how they affect your vaping sessions so that you can choose the perfect herbal vape pen for you.

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What’s an Herbal Vaporizer?

Before we dive into the mechanics of heating systems and how they affect the chemical composition of your herbs, let’s take a look into what an herbal vaporizer is for. There are many reasons why an individual might choose an herbal vaporizer.

An herbal vaporizer is an electrical device that is used to extract vapor from dry herbs. The vapor contains the same medicinal properties of cannabis smoke. Inhaling vapor over smoke has many benefits. Marijuana, which is the popular herb used in an herbal vaporizer releases certain cannabinoids when vaping. The high heat of smoking can destroy the active ingredients before the body can use it. A dry herb vaporizer is a very simple device that usually consists of a battery, chamber that stores and heats up your herbs plus a mouthpiece to inhale the vapor from.

Additionally, an herbal vaporizer helps to protect you from the harmful effects of combustion. Combustion is what happens when you light an herb on fire, which is exactly what happens when you load marijuana into a pipe or roll it into a joint. The smoke that is produced is harmful to your lungs since it comes from heat.

To summarize, an herbal vaporizer is designed to vaporize the active ingredients out of dry herbs. This can protect you from the harmful effects that come along with combustion.

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Different Heating Methods on a Vape

Just because vapes don’t emit fire, doesn’t mean they can’t combust, or burn your herbs. Vapes have different heating methods. One type consists of the herbs coming in direct contact with the heating coil. This means your herbs are still combusting because of the high heat being used. Combustion causes smoke. Vapes are a better alternative because pure vapor doesn’t contain the same carcinogens as smoke.

Let’s take a look at the different heating methods on a vape and why they play a huge role in the quality of your vapor quality.

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Convection heating occurs when hot air passes through the herb releasing the active ingredients. This is achieved by isolating the heat source and making sure that it does not come in direct contact with the herb. As the heat source gets hotter, so does the air within the chamber of your device. This heats up your herbs to a point where the active ingredients turn into vapor to fill the chamber of your device. This is the vapor that you inhale when you take a hit from your vaporizer. Think of the water in a tea kettle. It heats up by the kettle heating up, not by coming in direct contact with heat.

Since you can control the temperature with a convection vape, it is much more beneficial. If you’re using cannabis for pain relief or for another medical condition, this is important. Learning what temperatures your herbs vaporize at is important so you don’t burn anything necessary like certain cannabinoids like CBD.

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  • A lower probability of your herb combusting. This is exactly what your vaporizer was designed to do.
  • Better quality taste due to a lower heating temperature.
  • More control over how much of an herb you are inhaling at any given time.
  • Better control over your vaping sessions.
  • Even heating throughout your herb.




  • Slow heating speeds due to the time that it takes for the air within the chamber of your vaporizer to heat up and release the vapors from your herb.

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Conduction is a heating method that puts your herbs in direct contact with the heat source rather than relying on hot air to release the vapors. Think of conduction as cooking something up in the kitchen. When you crack an egg onto a pan on the stove, the heat from the fire heats up the pan and cooks your egg. The pan coming in direct contact is going through conduction heating because it’s touching the fire. The same principle applies to vaporizers that use the conduction heating method.




  • A quicker heat up time compared to the convection method.
  • The prices of vaporizers that use the conduction method tend to be cheaper than those that use the convection method.




  • A greater likelihood that your herbs will combust at higher temperatures.
  • The heat in conduction vaporizers is unevenly distributed across the herbs.
  • Some conduction vaporizers can be difficult to use in the beginning for those who are not used to them.
  • More disposable parts because coils burn out easier. This makes you continuously spend on vape parts.

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Hybrid heating is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a combination of both the conduction and the convection heating methods. While your herbs are sitting on a heated surface and becoming vaporized, another heat source is also heating up the air and vaporizing your herbs from the outside as well.




  • A quicker heat up time and a better overall heating method that evenly vaporizers your herbs.
  • Less energy is required from your device to continue heating your herbs over time since your vaporizer is using two heating methods at once.
  • Vapor clouds are even more thicker and intense due to the combination of both heating methods.




  • Vaporizers that use the hybrid heating system tend to cost more than both of the heating systems on their own, making it harder for those on a budget to afford these herbal vaporizers.
  • Because the hybrid heating method requires a vaporizer to use two different heating methods, the vapor produced by a vape with a hybrid heating system is often substantially hotter. This can be uncomfortable if your device does not have any safety features in place to protect you from inhaling vapor that is too hot.

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Why Convection Heating Is the Best

As stated above, convection heating comes with a vast array of benefits and almost no drawbacks. True, a convection vaporizer does tend to cost a little more than conduction vaporizers and they do take longer to heat up. However, you don’t run the risk of burning your herbs with convection with some trial and error. You also tend to get a better flavor profile, a more even vaporization process, and more control over your vaping session than you would with a vaporizer that uses the conduction method. This is why the convection heating method is the superior heating method for vape devices. Even as your first time smoking weed, it should be with a vaporizer to make sure you have better control of your herbs.

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The Experience and Benefit

The experience produced by a vaporizer with a convection heating system is one with an excellent flavor profile that allows you to truly take in all the flavors and benefits that your cannabis. You have full control over the temperature of your device, you never have to worry about inhaling smoke due to high temperatures, and you can experiment will all of the different temperatures and flavors that follow. The convection heating method truly provides an amazing experience for all vape enthusiasts who enjoy getting the most out of their herbs as well as their vaping session.


There you have it, a short guide explaining the use of the herbal vaporizers, the different heating methods utilized by dry herb vaporizers, and why the convection heating method is the best option for all vape users. That being said, the type of heating method you will like depends on your preferences. It also has to do with what each individual heating method provides for you. If you find that you like another heating method, great! Just be aware of each of the pros and cons that come with using each and do your research before you purchase any dry herb vaporizer based on their heating system.

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