Guest Post Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

Please consider these guidelines before submitting articles and pitches to Browse through our site to see the types of content we publish.

Our audience includes a many MMJ patients. All content must be high-quality, original, and must benefit our readers.

No Advertising is allowed in the body of guest posts.  There is no pay and we do not charge for guest posts. See the sponsored posts section for advertising related content.


Topics must be related to cannabis.

  • They can be educational pieces, lists, cannabis recipes, personal stories, how-to’s, guides, 5 ways to XX, etc.
  • All health information must refer to peer-reviewed journals. (What is a peer-reviewed journal?)
  • Recipes & How-to articles must include photos.
  • 700+ original words, video encouraged (video doesn’t need to be original).
  • No affiliate links.
  • Pseudonyms are accepted.
  • You may include one backlink to your site in the bio at the end of the post (subject to approval).

All content is subject to approval and editing.

Send pitches and posts to [email protected].


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