20+ Killer Pot Brownie Recipes To Lift Your Spirits

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Looking for a killer pot brownie recipe that’s a bit different?


When I first learned how to make pot brownies, I tried many basic pot brownie recipes.  Most of them sucked.  But #22 on this list is my absolute favorite basic weed brownie recipe.

The same old brownie can get tiresome.  As I began expanding my horizon regarding edibles, I discovered a ton of different ways of how to make marijuana brownies.  Here are 20+ weed brownie recipes to try out.

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Who knew you could make pot brownies so many different ways. Here's a comprehensive list of cannabis brownie recipes and varieties.20+ killer weed brownie recipes.  Learn new ways of how to make pot brownies.  

20+ Potent Pot Brownie Recipes


1. Martha Stewart’s Cannabis Brownie Recipe

Try Martha’s Cannabis Brownie Recipe.

2.  Oreo Weed Brownies

Be careful, this weed brownie recipe is so delicious it’s easy to over-indulge.

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3. Mom’s Raspberry Pot Brownie Recipe

Mom got a lot of things right with these chocolate raspberry pot brownies.

4. Peppermint Pot Brownies

5.  Vanilla Fudge Weed Brownie Recipe

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6. Pumpkin Pot Brownies

7. Mario Bitali’s Double-Chocolate Pot Brownie Recipe

Even Mario Bitali has a special pot brownie recipe.

8. Cannabis Infused Peanut Butter Fudge Pot Brownie Recipe

This pot brownie packs a potent punch.

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9.  Cheesecake Swirl Weed Brownie Recipe

10. Vegan Cannabis Brownies

Vegan’s love pot brownies too.

11.  Chocolate Raspberry Pot Brownie Trifle

12. Peanut Butter Blasted Pot Brownies

Weed brownies mixed with peanut butter.

13. Rocky Road Cannabis Brownie Recipe

14. OMFG Mint Cannabis Brownie Recipe

15. Marbled Marijuana Brownie Bars

16.  Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

17. Honey Chocolate Weed Brownies

18.   Magical Magic Cookie Bars


19.  Paleo Pot Brownies

20. Walnut Pot Brownie Recipe

21. Raspberry Cheesecake Marijuana Brownie Bars

22.   The Only Pot Brownie Recipe You’ll Ever Need

This is my personal favorite – this recipe makes the best pot brownies.

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