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 How do you feel about cannabis?

Maybe you’re like me, a patient who’s suffering, failed by traditional medicine and desperate for guidance?

Maybe you’re a cannabis enthusiast who’s s looking for camaraderie, data, and fun facts?

Or maybe marijuana still scares the crap out of you and you’re trying to figure out why the world suddenly wants it legalized?

Whoever you are, and however you got here — I’m glad you’re here!


MarijuanaMommy.com’s mission is to teach the truth about cannabis while challenging the stigma still surrounding marijuana.


Please stick around and learn some truth!

Open your mind, and learn about the medication that’s given me my life back.  You can read about me and my cannabis journey here:  About 

Have a question?  Reach out:  jessie(at)marijuanamommy(dot)com.

What to Expect from MarijuanaMommy.com

Lots of science

At MarijuanaMommy.com you’ll find information directly linked to peer-reviewed research and evidence-based practice.  New studies pop-up regularly the cannabis industry because the science of cannabis is very new.


Lots of blurred lines

I use language to blur the lines between science and stereotype.

I love all the words.  And I use them:  cannabis, marijuana, ganja, hash, chronic, Mary Jane, weed, dabs, doobie, herb, pot, 420, etc.

There’s an idea perverting the medical marijuana industry that only some terms are appropriate for casually describing cannabis.  I do not subscribe to this.

Of course, a negative stigma is still associated with cannabis, however, altering the English language is an unrealistic undertaking (and in many instances, it’s also xenophobic).

BUT fortunately, thanks to the natural wonders of neural plasticity, we CAN change the associations we have to these words!  All we have to do is create stronger associations for them.   That’s why MarijuanaMommy.com uses all the words.

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Jessie Gill, RN is a cannabis nurse and writer with a background in holistic health and hospice.  After suffering a spinal injury, she reluctantly became a medical marijuana patient then quickly transitioned into an advocate.  Her site, MarijuanaMommy.com educates about cannabis while challenging the stigma against marijuana use.  She’s been featured on Viceland and her work has appeared on GoodHousekeeping, Cosmopolitan, MSN, and more.


What’s a cannabis nurse?

A cannabis nurse is a registered nurse with a special focus on cannabis.  Cannabis nurses advocate and educate about the legitimate, science-backed uses of medical marijuana.

Nursing school and medical school do NOT teach about the medical applications of new medication.  Cannabis specialists fill the gap.  Learn more at the American Cannabis Nurse Association.


What is a Holistic Nurse?

What do you think of when you hear the word “holistic”?  Some think of crystals, energy, and spiritual advisors.  Not exactly. Those things may have a place in a holistic approach but they do not define it, nor are they practiced by every holistic nurse.

Holistic nurses are professionally licensed nurses who treat the patient as a whole – mind, body, and spirit– instead of strictly as a body.   Whereas Western medicine primarily addresses physiological issues, holistic nurses consider the impact that mental health and spiritual health have on physical health (and vice versa).

Western medicine is important and needed, but it doesn’t fix everything.  We’re more than just a body.

Visit the American Holistic Nurses Association for more information.


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This site contains affiliate links. If you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a commission.


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