What Are the Health Benefits of Vaping vs Smoking

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Benefits of Vaping vs Smoking

  • Avoids Unhealthy Smoke
  • Increases Medicated Effect
  • Enhances Flavor
  • Saves Money
  • Tastes Better
  • Smell Dipates More Quickly

Is vaping healthier than smoking? Research indicates there are health benefits of vaping vs smoking weed. Using a portable vaporizer cuts down on some risks.

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Is vaporizing healthier than smoking?

Smoking weed is the most common way of consuming this miraculous herb. Smoking is easy and affordable. But some unfortunate patients, (like me over here consuming cannabis with asthma)  simply can’t tolerate smoke, despite the health benefits that inhaled cannabis has to offer.

Fortunately, thanks to portable vaporizers, people who wish to avoid smoke can still attain immediate benefits by vaping weed.

Vaporizers heat cannabis enough so that cannabinoids become airborne without creating smoke. Vaping weed offers the immediate relief of inhalation, without the risks associated with smoke. Portable vaporizers make vaping ultra-convenient.

Smoke–no matter if it comes from cigarettes, cannabis, or even ordinary dried lavender–is associated with health risks. Avoiding smoke makes vaping a healthier alternative to smoking.

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Smokers Crave Something Different Than a Cannabis High

All smoke contains high levels of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide causes hypoxia (or oxygen deprivation) to the brain. Early signs of hypoxia can include confusion, silliness, and a foggy-headed feeling.

Long-time smokers sometimes associate they feelings of hypoxia to the high of cannabis. Some smokers struggle with switching to a vape because they miss the feeling of hypoxia and believe the vaporizer is making them feel less high.


Best Portable Vaporizers

These are the top three portable vaporizers for dry herb.

Firefly 2 Buy Now

The Firefly 2 is currently one of the most popular portable vaporizers. It heats up in 3 seconds, which is remarkable. It’s a high-end device that produces a clean vaping experience. I love that it includes two batteries–that’s remarkably helpful when traveling. The Firefly sells right around the $300 price mark.

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Pax 2  Buy Now

The Pax 2 portable dry herb vaporizer is my personal favorite. If you use a mix of concentrates and dry herb, the Pax 3 can handle both. I only use flower and the Pax 2 is great. The Pax 2 is tiny. It fits discretely in my pocket. The best thing about this portable vaporizer is Pax’s 10-year warranty (I’ve used it!!).  The Pax 2 runs around $200.

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The Craft Vaporizer Buy Now

The Crafty portable vaporizer for dry herb is a heavy duty and high-quality device. Made by Storz & Bickel, this vape is often called the “Rolls Royce” of portable vaporizers. 

crafty vaporizer


The Lift Vaporizer  Buy Now

I recently tried Flytlab’s Lift Vaporizer and I’m excited to post the full review soon. I LOVE this little vape. It’s a clean hit from an ultra discreet little device–it looks like a tube of mascara. It’s perfect to tuck into a clutch. You can purchase the Lift for around $150.


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The Misconception About Cannabis Smoke

Is Cannabis Smoke Dangerous?

There a common misconception about cannabis smoke. Many users think second-hand cannabis smoke is benign.

Is vaping healthier than smoking? Research indicates there are health benefits of vaping vs smoking weed. Using a portable vaporizer cuts down on some risks.

And while research does show pot smokers don’t develop cancer at the same rates as tobacco smokers, this doesn’t mean smoking is safe.

Even smoke from natural herbs contains carbon monoxide, tar, and other harmful chemicals.

 All Smoke Damages the Respiratory System.

Studies show marijuana smoke CAN damage respiratory tissues. The difference is, cannabis-related damage doesn’t develop into cancer as often.

Cannabis might protect against some of that damage.

Marijuana users ingest protective cannabinoids along WITH smoke.

We know that cannabinoids are protective against cancer in a petri dish. It’s likely the cannabinoids protect smoker’s respiratory tissues as well.


Second-hand cannabis smoke is as dangerous as ALL second-hand smoke.

When you smoke cannabis, the smoke damages your respiratory system. Direct users are protected by the cannabinoids in the weed like CBD and THC.  But those cannabinoids are not in second-hand smoke.

Non-users do not benefit from the protection of cannabinoids.

If you smoke weed in an enclosed area, and non-users are exposed to second-hand smoke, they will not be protected from damage the same way a user will.

Please filter and ventilate your second-hand smoke away from others, especially children.

Reasons to Use a Vaporizer for Cannabis

 Do Vaporizers Prevent Smoke?

Most vaporizers eliminate or dramatically reduce smoke. Vaporizers heat cannabis to a high enough temperature that the cannabinoids and terpenes become airborne and can be inhaled.  But vaporizers maintain a low enough temperature to avoid combustion which dramatically decreases or eliminates smoke.

Vaporizers heat cannabis to a high enough temperature that the cannabinoids and terpenes become airborne and can be inhaled.  But vaporizers maintain a low enough temperature to avoid combustion which dramatically decreases or eliminates smoke.


Do Vaporizers Make Cannabis Taste Better?

Vaping makes weed taste better. Vaping over smoking allows you to taste all the delicate flavors that make the cannabis flower. Smoking combusts these terpenes and you miss out.

Not only does vaping vs smoking enhance the flavor, but it eliminates the carbon aftertaste. Unless you love the taste of licking an ashtray.

Do Vaporizers Smell as Much as Smoking?

Vaporizers can dramatically cut down on the smell of marijuana.

They don’t entirely eliminate the smell of weed, but unlike smoke, the smell doesn’t get trapped in fabrics. The cannabis smell from a vaporizer dissipates much more quickly than smoke.

If you need to get rid of cannabis smell naturally, here’s how I do it.   I also recommend one of these smoke buddy devices to filter your exhale.


Is Vaporizering Healthier than Smoking?.

Not only do vaporizers prevent smoke, but research shows they also yield a higher availability of flavanols in cannabis. Flavanols or terpenes are an important component in medical marijuana.


Does vaping conserve weed?

Vaporizers are cost-effective because when you smoke weed, a large portion of the cannabinoids is destroyed by the high temperatures generated from combustion.

Also, vaped weed has secondary uses. Vaporization doesn’t completely use up all the cannabinoids. And because there’s no fire to destroy the remains, you can use your already vaped weed to make edibles.


Do Vaporizers Make You Higher?

When you inhale a hit of marijuana from a vaporizer, it is purely medicated vapor and contains none of the added components of smoke which makes the medication more effective.

But again, keep in mind, some die-hard smokers expect being high to include the foggy-ness associated with a lack of oxygen.

Message for Smokers

When you smoke weed you don’t just get high from cannabis, you also experience a foggy-rush of hypoxia and the carbon monoxide chokes out the oxygen from your lungs. Some smokers grow to enjoy this foggy-headed rush of hypoxia and they miss it when switching to a vape.

Try Using a Bong or Bubbler

If you choose to smoke, water can potentially filter some of the smoke from burned cannabis (just change your water regularly). If you are searching for a bong Amazon actually offers quite a few decent pieces. If a bong sounds overwhelming, a bubbler is like a mini-bong.

Try Eating Cannabis

Another option is to eat medical marijuana. I recommend these Pot & Pumpkin Spice Pot Muffins – it’s a small batch recipe. Keep in mind that eating marijuana is much stronger than smoking or vaporizing it.



Vaping weed is healthier than smoking. Vaping overs a variety of additional benefits too, like saving money, tasting better, decreasing the smell, and producing a more effective medication.

Best Portable Vapes For Dry Herb

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Written by Jessie Gill

Jessie Gill, RN is a cannabis nurse with a background in holistic health and hospice. After suffering a spinal injury, she reluctantly became a medical marijuana patient then quickly transitioned into an advocate. Her site, combines science with personal insight to educate about medical marijuana. She’s been featured on Viceland and bylines include GoodHousekeeping, Cosmopolitan, MSN, and more.

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