DIY Natural Air Freshener (because bad smells are awkward)

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DIY Natural Air Freshener (because bad smells are awkward)

DIY Natural Air Freshener - All Natural, Chemical FreeImagine you’re standing outside next to a dryer vent. You hover for a moment. The scent of fresh, crisp, laundry tickles your nose. I love that smell…I also love the smell of lavender fields, evergreen forests, and line-dried bedding.

But I have a sports-obsessed kid running around–that’s a lot of stink to hide. Have you ever smelled a hockey bag? (Gag!) I thought people exaggerated when they claimed little boys were so stinky.

On top of stinky boys, I have a stinky dog, and now I’m using stinky medical marijuana. Every time I open my door, I wonder if my guest can smell my medicine. Sometimes I wonder if I should expound on out my medical history so they don’t think I’m just a pothead.

“Hi welcome to the neighborhood. I’m so glad little Johnny could come over for a play-date. Come on in. Please ignore the fact that my house smells like marijuana?”

I used to love Febreze; I used it daily. Then I began to suspect that the Febreze was aggravating my asthma. When I read this article, I was certain of it.

Febreze is laden with dangerous toxins. Read Sustainable Baby Steps: The Dangers of Febreze if you use Febreze.

No more Febreze in our house. But I can’t just ignore the odors. Fortunately, there’s a much healthier, natural alternative.

DIY Natural Air FreshenerDIY Air Freshener

2 Cups of Water
½ Teaspoon Vinegar
10 Drops Essential Oil
Combine in a small sauce pan, heat on low.

Eliminate bad smells naturally. Keep your house smelling fresh (and not like a hockey bag or marijuana).

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