20+ of the Best Bongs on Amazon [UPDATED 2018]

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Can you buy a bong on Amazon?

Yes. You can buy anything on Amazon, except weed (yet!!).  Amazon is actually a great resource for bongs, weed pipes, bubblers, weed grinders, stash boxes, and all sorts of great cannabis gifts. (see my list of 50+ Best Stoner Gifts for under $20).  You can even buy hookahs on Amazon.

Buy a bong on Amazon. If you need a water pipe Amazon sells a variety of glass pieces, silicone bongs, classic bongs, and more. Here are the 20+ best bongs.

Differences Bongs and Hookahs

Speaking of hookahs – Do you know what the differences are between bongs and hookahs?  They’re very similar.  Both bongs and hookahs are water pipes which mean you can use them to smoke cannabis (or another dried herb) and water filters the smoke.  Still, there are a few differences that cannabis smokers should know.


Smoking Cannabis With Bongs

When you hit a bong, you light the bowl of cannabis and suck in through the mouthpiece while covering the carb (if applicable). The smoke travels into an enclosed container filled with water. The water filters and cools the smoke and then the smoke moves into an air chamber.

You then release the carb (it may be a hole that you cover with your finger, or the entire bowl may remove from the piece). The filtered smoke can then be inhaled via the mouthpiece of the bong.

Bongs are typically used by one person at a time. Commonly, the air chamber of a bong is cleared of smoke after taking a hit.


Smoking Cannabis With Hookahs

Hookahs were designed to smoke tobacco via a burning coal, however, when hookah is used to smoke cannabis it is usually done via direct flame, not with a coal.

Hookahs also use water to filter and cool the smoke, however, the smoke is not cleared with every hit. The smoke is stored in the air chamber, where it waits for someone to take another hit.

Most hookahs feature hoses and many hookahs offer more than one hose allowing multiple simultaneous users. If you choose to use a hookah to smoke weed, pay special attention to those hoses because cannabis resin can clog them.

Hookahs are not cleared after every hit. They hold the smoke within the air chamber cycling it to other users or saving it for the next hit.

If you want to smoke weed from a hookah, check out the guide on RollItUp.




20+ Best Bongs For Sale On Amazon

Amazon sells water pipes, silicone bongs, classic bongs, and a variety of glass pieces. Here are 20+ of the best bongs Amazon sells. 

Be sure to check out gadget #23.  It can turn ANY ordinary water bottle into a bong! 


1. Bongs Amazon Sells: RORA

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2. Handmade Green Glass Bong

Buy this green bong on Amazon. This water pipe is moderately priced and available in different colors.

handmade glass bong for sale on amazon

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3.  Handmade Glass Large – Teal Bong

 Amazon calls this bong “green”, but the photos look closer to teal. Here are 20+ good bongs on Amazon
 Amazon sells pretty bongs too, like this pink glass beauty. 
pink bong for sale on amazon

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5. Clear 10″ Glass Bong

Search Amazon and you’ll come across this clear glass bong that measures 10 inches. 

clear glass bong for sale on amazon

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6.  Blue Handmade Bong On Amazon

blue handmade bong for sale on amazon

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 This little green bong is adorable. 
little bong for sale on amazon
When searching for a bong on Amazon, you might see this purple glass bong. It’s 8ish inches and really cute.

 purple glass bong for sale on amazon

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9.  Boxed Bong

This glass bong is boxed and ready to be given as the perfect stoner gift.  (If you’re gift shopping, find 50+ great stoner gifts here. 
boxed bong for sale on amazon

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10.  Unbreakable Detachable 8.66” Silicone Water Bong 

The best thing about a silicone bong is that it can’t shatter. These also glow in the dark. 

glow in the dark bong for sale on amazon

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11. Small Amber Bubbler Bong

small amber bubbler bong for sale on amazon

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12.  Roast and Toast

This qualifies as a bong right? 

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13. Black & White Percolator Bong

percolator bong for sale on amazon

14. Handmade Glass Bong with Cannabis Leaves

19. Blue Bong Gift Set

blue bong gift set


22.  The gnoB Socket

Turn ANY ordinary bottle into a bong with this BEST SELLING gnoB Socket. This keychain screws onto any water bottle to turn it into a bong.
Amazon Bong - gnob socket
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