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THC Legal recently featured me in their series, Cannabis Thought Leaders. Here’s the article in full courtesy of THC Legal.  If you’re starting a new cannabis entity, be sure to check them out.


Marijuana Mommy‘s mission is to teach about cannabis while challenging the stigma surrounding cannabis.


Please Introduce Yourself – What’s Your Name, The Name Of Your Blog And Your Management Role In The Administration Of The Blog.

I’m Jessie Gill, I’m a registered nurse and the creator of

When And Why Did You Start It?

A.  MarijuanaMommy officially started in the beginning of 2017, with some content migrating over from a previous holistic health blog.

Several years ago, I was injured while working as a hospice nurse. My bedside career ended and I endured a lengthy list of medical procedures & treatments, none of which helped.

In November of 2015, I very reluctantly became a medical marijuana patient. After that, my transition from holistic health to cannabis was gradual and pretty organic.

Most Blogs Are Formed To Address A Particular Problem Or Issue The Blogger Is Concerned With – What Problem Does Your Cannabis Blog Address?

A.  I started MarijuanaMommy to educate about cannabis facts and attack the stigma that surrounds use.

A big part of my aversion to medical marijuana was the stigma. I didn’t want to be perceived as a stereotypical stoner. My own mom convinced me to try it and it changed my life.

I didn’t know the true facts about cannabis. I had no idea how much medicinal power the plant held.

Before starting MMJ, I was taking opiates and valium every 6-8 hours. I haven’t needed them since the day I started MMJ. Grant it, I’m not magically healed—I still suffer a good deal, but my quality of life has drastically improved.

The experience compelled me to spread the weedy word and MarijuanaMommy was born.

Unfortunately, Marijuana Is Still Stigmatized And Not Fully Accepted By Many Mainstream Communities. Have You Experienced Any Negativity From People After Telling Them What You Do? How Did You React To It?

A.  I embrace it. Those people are the reason I have a mission. They give me purpose lol.

I believe living my normal life openly is the best way to challenge the stigma. I don’t hide my use. I put on a brave face and educate.

When I encounter those who are stringently opposed, I try to remember they’ve been brainwashed by 80 years of prohibition & propaganda.


The Trump Administration Has At The Very Least, Not Taken A Pro-Cannabis Stance. Are You Worried About Your Organization In The Era Of Donald Trump And Jeff Sessions?

A.  Yes, I do worry. I worry about being targeted by bullies in the White House. I worry about my family being targeted. I worry about banking issues. Several advocacy groups have had their bank accounts closed recently, even though they have nothing to do with the production or sale of cannabis.

Cannabis cookies - yum. Grab the recipe.
These cranberry & cannabis cookies are divine. Grab the recipe.

What Makes Your Blog Different From Other Similarly Situated Blogs In The Industry?

A.  It’s relatable because I share a lot of personal stories and insight, but it’s also authoritative because I’m a cannabis nurse. I provide a lot of well-researched information. My readers tend to be a blend of patients and recreational users.


What Is The One Thing You Would Like Interested Readers To Know About Your Blog?

A.  It has something for everyone who loves weed—giveaways (I’m giving away a magical butter machine on 9/22!), information, how-to’s, gift suggestions, and loads of edible recipes.

Searching for weed edibles recipes? Here’s 15 potent options.

What Is The Best Piece Of Advice You Have For Individuals Looking To Get Involved In The Marijuana Space?

A.  Pivot your skills and expertise right over to cannabis. There’s space for everyone in this growing industry. Ancillary services are hot.

Written by Jessie Gill

Jessie Gill, RN is a cannabis nurse with a background in holistic health and hospice. After suffering a spinal injury, she reluctantly became a medical marijuana patient then quickly transitioned into an advocate. Her site, combines science with personal insight to educate about medical marijuana. She’s been featured on Viceland and bylines include GoodHousekeeping, Cosmopolitan, MSN, and more.

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