5 Feminine Glass Pieces in my Pretty Pipe Shop

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Where to Shop for Pretty Glass Pieces in a Male-Dominated Market

If you’re searching the web for Pretty Pipes or Pretty Bongs, you might be browsing for a while. It’s not always easy to find feminine glass pieces.

This is because, until recently, men have dominated the consumer base. An overwhelming number of dudes were buying pipes and bongs and so head shops catered to the male-dominated market.

Introducing PrettyPipeShop.com

But now the world is different and the market has changed, which is why I’m thrilled to introduce you to my new shop, PrettyPipeShop.com.

The Pretty Pipe Shop caters to a new kind of connoisseur. We hand curate the prettiest glass pieces and ship them straight to your door.

My 5 Favorite Pretty Pipes

Here are five of my favorites in the Pretty Pipe Shop. Use Discount Code: MOM20 for 20% off your order.

(SEC disclosure: The Pretty Pipe Shop is my shop. If you click a link and make a purchase I may receive a portion of the proceeds.)


1. Grace – The Pastel Bong

We have a variety of pretty bongs over at the PrettyPipeShop, but this pastel colored bong is my favorite.



2. Fearless – A Pink Percolator Bong

pretty pink and black glass bong

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3. Fairyland – Triple Recycler Bong

The Fairyland is pastel pink and features three mushroom shaped recyclers.

pretty pink bong for sale

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4. Floral Elegance – Pink Glass Pipe

The floral elegance pipe is a pretty spin with a classic weed bowl shape.

pretty pipe for sale

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5. Sweet Streak – Pink Pipe

Sweet simple glass spoon with lots of pink.

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