EASY! ABV Coconut Oil Recipe & VIDEO Tutorial (Crockpot)

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What to do with ABV Weed?  Make ABV Coconut Oil

How to make ABV coconut oil in a crockpot.

Here’s my recipe for making ABV coconut oil in a crockpot.  It’s very easy- just cook vaped medical marijuana (ABV weed) and coconut oil together.

It’s an easy way to make edibles and using ABV weed is economical.

I use the resulting ABV coconut oil for microdosing, but you can use it however you like.  You can use ABV coconut by eating the oil, filling capsules, or adding it into a recipe to make easy edibles.

If you’re making ABV edibles, watch this video.  Here’s my ABV coconut oil recipe:

What is ABV Weed?

ABV stands for “already been vaporized”.  It’s the used marijuana that you remove from the vaporizer after vaporizing.  ABV is also referred to as vaporizer poo and AVB – already vaporized bud.

ABV weed has THC and CBD remaining in the plant material.  You can use your vaporized medical marijuana to make edibles and topicals using various ABV recipes.


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What is ABV Coconut Oil?

ABV coconut oil is medicated cannabis coconut oil made from ABV weed.   When you cook coconut oil and ABV together, the remaining cannabinoids leave the plant material and infuse the coconut oil, resulting in medicated cannabis coconut oil.


Why should I use ABV?

To save money – That’s it.  You can use ABV weed to make ABV coconut oil to use in ABV recipes.

When you vaporize medical marijuana, the heat only strips some of the medication from the plant material, but not all of it.  There are cannabinoids remaining in vaporized plant material.  The vaporized remnants can be used to make cannabis coconut oil, aka ABV oil.

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How does ABV oil compare to fresh cannabis coconut oil?

Cannabis oil is better when made from fresh weed.  It’s superior in every way.  It tastes better and it’s more potent.

Fresh cannabis coconut oil still contains the full kaleidoscope of cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant.  All of these components act together like an orchestra to produce cannabis’s medical effects.

When you vaporize cannabis you use up some of these components.

That means ABV oil is missing some of the key components that research shows are medically relevant.

BUT – if you’re limited on access to marijuana (like many patients because of the exorbitant costs and lack of medical coverage) then you’re more inclined to utilize every scrap of medication.

To be honest, if I had unlimited amounts of cannabis, I would not make ABV coconut oil.  In my utopia, I’m a pot farmer, and I only make cannabis coconut oil from the freshest and highest quality plants.

BUT, in real life, NJ doesn’t allow cultivation.  And medical marijuana is crazy cost prohibitive, so ABV coconut oil is part of my current reality.  I’m grateful that I have any access at all, too many patients still don’t.

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Does health insurance cover medical marijuana?

Nope, not at all.  It doesn’t matter how great your health insurance plan is, they don’t have to pay for MMJ.  This is one of the worst parts of being an MMJ patient.  You can get deadly opiates and valium for free, but because of the DEA’s bogus stance, no health insurance company is required to cover it.

The DEA continues to claim that medical marijuana has absolutely “no medical benefit”.  Even though countless research studies, thousands of doctors & scientists, and millions of patients disprove that claim.

It doesn’t matter if 100 doctors recommend medical marijuana.  And it doesn’t matter if cannabis is the only thing keeping your baby alive.  The DEA doesn’t care and the insurance companies don’t care.  They are not required to cover it.

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It’s horrific – I get emails every day from patients who are suffering and are desperate for help and guidance.  I mean if the government doesn’t want to require the insurance to pay for it  -fine.  But, at least allow us to grow it in our homes.  At least allow us to start charity organizations where we can grow for the dying & suffering.  Most patients simply can’t afford the insane costs.  The lack of compassion reflected in the law disgusts me.

It’s fascinating how before MMJ, the insurance companies paid for endless bottles of opiates, valium, Lyrica with no complaint.

[Fact:  Statistics prove that medical marijuana is saving the government MILLIONS of dollars by reducing prescription drug use.  Read about it on Huffington Post.]

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What is the best crockpot to use to make cannabis coconut oil?

I use this Hamilton Beach crockpot.  Honestly, I don’t know if it’s the best, but I’ve had it for three years.  I use it regularly and love it.  Plus, it has great Amazon reviews. cannabis oil in a crockpot abv



Have questions?  Shoot me an email – [email protected]


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How to make cannabis coconut oil in a crockpot from ABV (aka ABV coconut oil)

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